Am I right for you

Am I right for you

The couples who choose me as their wedding photographer tend to be looking for a relaxed style. They want someone to blend into their wedding and be part of the day. Which helps to make everyone feel at ease. I have a very relaxed approach that works well with everyone and my personal nature means I blend in well. 

I love weddings. The emotion, the atmosphere and the excitement and the best thing is that every wedding is different and personal to the couple. I am very Passionate and enthusiastic with all the weddings I photograph and I always feel so honoured to be able to capture such an emotional and powerful day, this isn't just a job for me, its my passion, my dreams, my life. 

Candid moments ...

I love those moments where you see someone having the time of their life and you capture it on camera. A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. This allows the person's true personality to be shown without them knowing. 

Creative ...

The composition of an image needs to be visually pleasing and worthy of being placed on your lounge wall. The composition is very important in photography, as this can make the photo or totally lose it's appeal. I invest a lot of time into setting the image up correctly and this shows in my work. 

Photos that matter to you

There is nothing more important that capturing those photos that your nan would be proud of - group photos are great for families as they have a photo of your special day and all their family together. One large group photo is also a must have, as this shows a photo of your wedding party at their finest. 



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Laughter ...

I love capturing those happy and special moments and there is nothing better than capturing laughter, its a joy.

Fun ...

I love to have fun ... it really encourages people to relax and brings out all sorts of emotions and can be very amusing. There's nothing better than a bout of laughter ...

Wide coverage of the day

Even the little details at a wedding are important and I relish photographing these details, the cake, the flowers, the table plan - these are a must have and unfold the story of the day. 

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