About Natalie ...

Photography is something that runs through my veins ... Ever since I was a little girl I watched my dad take beautiful photographs, capturing those special moments on film. I wanted to know what the photo would look like afterwards, I was mesmerised and learnt as much as I could, so when my dad handed me his SLR when I turned 14 I couldn't quite believe it. 

And that is when the magic started ... I studied photography at GSCE and A level and I was lost in a trail of bliss, my camera was always around my neck and I was locked up in the dark room for hours on end. 

When I got married in 2010, this was the turning point for my career and Natalie Ross Photography was founded. I was absolutely fascinated by weddings and photography and felt I had one thing in common with anyone getting married, I had been there, got the t-shirt and loved every moment. Through the years of photographing weddings I have found it extremely helpful and useful to guide my clients through my own experience.  

Photography is my life, my passion, my world.

A Photo ....

is a reflection of the past, freeze framed at that special and wonderful time which will be seen and saved for years to come - a treasure for all. 

Photography is about capturing those special moments and reliving them. I have been extremely privileged to be part of many lovely couples weddings as well as portrait shoots, birthdays the list is endless, I have been able to capture beautiful moments that will last forever. 
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